June 23, 2009

Movies are Better than Books

I'm taking it a step further than last week, and claiming that movies are inherently greater than books. I know what you're thinking. Books allow you to imagine. Well, movies can too. It's just that the director too often uses the visual dimension to give stuff away, and make it easier for us. But, they don't have to. What if they could do what great books do, but by using a whole new realm of visual communication, too? Shakespeare wrote his plays to be acted. Cadence. Delivery. Eyebrows. Movement. All adding up to more than the words alone. And movies can go even further. The narrator now has the control of your eye. Giving you new perspectives, clues. Video is simply a broader medium than the written word. There's more that can be done. I've seen glimpses of it already. And as directors get better about using it, it's going to be amazing.