February 7, 2011

More Lessons from the Bachelor: Comparison Shopping

For those of you who watch the Bachelor, do you ever catch yourself yelling something like this at the screen? "Why is that ugly freak still on there?? It doesn't make any sense!!"

Here's what doesn't make sense. The fact that we compare her beauty away. The girls on the show are all beautiful. Our minds are simply trained to compare.

It's why I had a crush on Murphy Brown and Mrs. Cosby growing up. It's not only that I like strong, independent women. It's that my options within those worlds were limited. It was Murphy or Corky. It was Claire or Rudy.

The hideous wretches on the Bachelor aren't hideous wretches. They're simply "last" in that category. Test this next time you cry out against the elephant-faced creatures on prime time TV. Take them out of that world, and put them in your office. Would they instantly become the most attractive person you work with?

Why do you think online retailers offer multiple versions of their products? It's so you choose the one they want you to.The comparison gives it value. They know that. Now, you do too.