December 13, 2011

Miracles, Reason and Tim Tebow

I like to think of myself as a man of reasonable faith. And I simply don't know what to do about this Tim Tebow thing.

The odds are simply unbelievable. 6 completely crazy come from behind wins in the past 7 games, deep in the 4th quarter, from a guy most professional analysts don't think has the talent worthy to be a backup quarterback in the NFL.

What are the odds? Well, ESPN actually ran the calculations. It's 0.0007 percent. 1 in 137,000. It's miraculous.

And that's where this gets confusing. Because one of the reasons people don't like this guy is because he talks about his faith in Christ...a lot. Like, all the time. More than preachers on Sunday

So after seeing these statistical impossibilities come out of nowhere, and happen week after week after can you not wonder?

In the same way that stories of individuals who give up their lives to build wells and spread the gospel of Christ in Africa die in plane crashes on the way there makes it difficult to believe in God, this is the kind of thing you see and are convinced God is real...and really loves his boy, Tim.