March 5, 2012

Living in Fear and Locking My Doors

In the movie Bowling for Columbine, Michael Moore visits Canada to test a theory he hears about how Canadians don't lock their doors.

So, he takes to the streets, tries walking into people's homes unannounced, and succeeds.

He tries getting explanations out of these individuals - some of whom have admitted to being robbed in the past, and still don't lock their doors. The gist of it?

"If I lock my doors, I'm afraid. If I don't lock them, I'm not."

This is clearly insane. Yet, part of me loves it. I loved walking to the park and leaving our garage door open. I loved not thinking about. I loved pretending that bad people didn't exist.

And then my daughter was born. And the idea of harm befalling her shakes my very core. Yet, owning a gun for protection does the same.

What's my ideal here for getting the mental protection I need without being held hostage to my fear?

A security system?