May 4, 2018

Live To Give: How To Embrace A Charitable Mindset

We all have a choice. And we decide what kind of a person we're going to be, when you think about the fact that people lay down and died for the right to vote, now, we are more selfish and less likely to fight the good fight than ever before. This is why charity begins at home, and this is why we all need to embrace a charitable mindset. But for those people who have being raised in a, for want of a better expression, selfish way, learning how to adopt a more charitable mindset can be quite difficult. Encountering people who are more than willing to step all over you to get what they want is something that encourages the victim to never help anybody ever again. Unfortunately, this isn't the best way to go about bringing change. So, we all need to begin by being charitable in simple ways, and how can we embrace this charitable mindset?
Practicing Gratitude
Doing this everyday does something to you. It makes you appreciate what you have in your life, and by setting aside a small amount of time every day to think about what you are truly grateful for, has a profound effect on your frame of mind. Big entrepreneurs do it, and you can do it too.
Starting Small
If you're expected to give all of your earnings to charity, you're not going to do it! So instead, start small, and start manageable. Donating something little, either by giving change to someone on the streets, or just some shrapnel to the charity bucket, we can feel like we've done a little something to benefit someone else. You don't need to go over the top, but if you've never donated money before, donating a little is the perfect starting point.
Find A Cause You Believe In
It can be as simple as this, you have yet to find the cause you really believe in. Look at your passions, look what stirs your heartstrings, and follow it. Look at someone like Kirk Chewning, an entrepreneur who has devoted his efforts to the recovery after Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. If you sat by idly watching a tragedy on television, and felt that this shouldn't be happening, then aim to be part of the solution. Every little helps.
Donate Your Time
If you have the time, even one afternoon a week, is there a local charity you can work with? It doesn't even have to be a charity; you can go to a nearby old folks home and read to the residents. This idea of being charitable can feel like we are expected to donate a lot of money, for little thanks. But while it's not to get thanks, it's about doing whatever little you can to help people in need. It's very surprising that there are people who are completely reticent to do anything charitable. And if this is you, or you know someone of this inclination, it's all about baby steps. These baby steps will blossom into something beneficial to mankind.