April 6, 2011

Lightning Fried My MAC?

My wife and I woke up on Monday morning to the loudest thunder we've ever heard in our lives. In fact, it seemed as though lightning had actually struck our house. But when you're in a dead sleep, it's hard to judge something like that.

So, we wake up in the morning, go downstairs, and our MAC is powered off. Well, the little circle power light is still lit, but nothing else. And it won't power on. I used my other computer (working fine) to troubleshoot, and still couldn't get it running.

I brought it in to the MAC store's Apple Genius Bar. They said that the logic board was fried. I mentioned the storm. He said that would definitely do it and makes sense, but was surprised to hear it was plugged in to a power strip. So this is where I don't know what to do.

The evidence for lightning killing my computer?
The fact that it died that very night, and that its symptoms match those of a lightning power surge.

The evidence for a coincidence?
The fact that the power did not go off anywhere in my house, and that nothing else broke, including my laptop that was plugged in.

But since I need something to blame, I blame lightning. In better news, I'm getting a new MAC today. In worse news, I'm poor again.