June 27, 2011

Leaders Should Be Arrogant, Right?

It's time to hearken back to your Sunday School lessons folks. Because we're talking Moses today and tomorrow. Don't worry agnostics. We're staying broad. It's just that I just heard an interesting sermon this weekend that got me thinking.

When I look for a leader, both within the Church and in the corporate world, I look for inner strength. I look for confidence. I look for vision.

Yet, God picked Moses, the meekest man on Earth to be leader.

Perhaps God is better able to work through people who trust, not in their own abilities, but who have an overwhelming trust in God's?

Now, this is personally convicting for me, because I am just about as arrogant as one can get. Because I compare myself with the mediocrity that surrounds me. Rather, Moses compared himself, not to others, but to the perfection of God, and said, "I am nothing."

So, should we change what we're looking for in a leader?