May 13, 2011

Keynes’ Greenhouse

Let's finish up this fairly economics-heavy week in thought with John Maynard Keynes, the economic mind who most shapes our modern day macroeconomic decisions.

Keynes came to bring order to capitalistic chaos. To try and prevent massive roller coaster swings and depressions. The idea that the government could effectively intervene - regulating and monetizing stability to the ship that is the world economy.

Here's the problem. Let's try to do that in nature. We fear droughts, floods, weeds, enemies and more. And rightfully so. Letting nature take course is scary. So, we build a greenhouse. We think we're protecting ourselves.

But the epitome of beauty can not be found in a greenhouse. And the epitome of innovation will not be found within a Keynesian environment. It may be slightly less scary to be a plant living in the greenhouse. But, it's a lot less beautiful than letting environmental chaos create true art.