February 23, 2009

Jimmy Johns Knockoff Chips

Both in Peoria and up here in the Chicago suburbs, I have had multiple Jimmy Johns employees who have memorized my order and start preparing it when they see me coming in the door. I say that to prepare you for the serious nature of today's topic.

Chips. Jimmy Johns BBQ chips are the best potato chip I've ever had. For years, I have longed for them to sell them at the grocery store in bigger bags. But, the next best thing has happened.

Meijer has begun to sell kettle cooked BBQ chips that are nearly identical. I say nearly, because the Jimmy Johns ones are slightly more flavorful, with a huge peanut oil kick. But on the other side, you can get a giant bag of Meijer chips for only slightly more than a single serving bag of Jimmy Johns chips costs in store.

This is the only picture that I can find, so look for the red version of the bag (BBQ). And be prepared to thank me.