February 2, 2007

“It Says It In The Bible”

I've heard this phrase a lot. Kind of like the Bible is the constitution of God. But, the Bible is merely a historical perspective of God from people that God interacted with. From the Bible, we get to learn the nature of God. We also get to learn the nature of people... that they're idiots. Seriously, I think I used to think of Biblical people as really righteous...but they're all jerks. Murderers, liars, adulterers, and those are attributes of some of the "heroes" of the Bible. I like that one of the morals of the Bible is that people suck. I just read a passage today that made me think of this, because someone finally called these people out on it. Israel had just destroyed a foe city, looted all of the city's possessions and then came back home. Part of this loot included golden idols to false gods. So, what to do with these golden idols? Well, let's place them in the temple so people can worship multiple gods at the same time just in case one of them is wrong. One guy says to this, "Why would you want to worship a god who couldn't protect his people from getting overtaken by you?" It's an interesting parallel to the universalistic non-0bjective stance that a lot of people tend to take today when it comes to God. "I think there's many paths to God." "Who's to say that only what YOU believe is right?" Maybe we're just hedging our bets, but if there is only ONE God, that could be a foolish gamble.