January 18, 2011

It Feels Good

My freshman year of college, I remember having a frank conversation about sexual activity with a female friend. I, a long-time but only recently passionate Christian, tried convincing my female friend to abstain.

Her response, "Why? It feels good."

I was taken aback by the sheer honesty. I was used to a defensive questioning of the legitimacy of my moral stance. But she skipped straight past that and went to the reality in her mind that encouraged her behavior. It feels good. And I had no answer.

I used to defend morality based on the moral itself. But I am slowly understanding the effectual benefits of Christian morality.

For instance, I'm learning that some of my friends think they're in love, but are actually just addicted to the sex the person provides. There's a good thing there. It's a hard-wired good thing. The pyscho- and physio-logical addiction to another person. But before you decide you want to be with this person for keeps, you really don't want your mind getting tricked into thinking you do.

Don't just do something because "God said so." Figure out why he said it.