September 9, 2010

Individual Nudism

Recently, nudist colonies started to make sense to me.

Bear with me. Little children like running around naked, right? This is the idea behind the nudist colony. That, as a pure child, (note: follow a child around for a day, and you'll see how morally bankrupt they are) we wanted nothing more than to unshackle ourselves from the bondage of cotton and linens. And a nudist colony gets us back to that point. A life of freedom.

Here's the problem. These children who run around during "naked time", hiding behind furniture after taking their baths, have not been sexualized yet. We can't get back there. You could become used to nudity. Like what I assume a fine artist feels, you could get to the point where you wouldn't giggle every time you walked through certain parts of a museum.

But, you can't undo sexualization. You can't re-become the 6-year old who didn't think of being naked as anything more than being free.

At least in public. Individual nudism is fine. So, spend some time alone naked in your house and report your findings.