May 23, 2011

Incentive to Waste

My neighborhood no longer picks up our recycling bins each week. This new bi-weekly schedule is specifically problematic for my household, since we recycle more than we throw away.

By the end of the first week, our 50-gallon recycling bin is full to the brim. Yet, there's still a week to go. So what have we been doing? Throwing that week of recyclables into the garbage bin, which still gets picked up every week.

Now, I'm sure they made this change for a reason. I'm sure our household is not typical. But, I hate it. Of course, I could buy an extra toter for $130. But,
A) I have nowhere to store it (you get fined if you leave it outside)
B) Screw you! Go back to an every week pickup!

You're the mayor of my town. Any solution?