August 13, 2010

I’m Preaching This Sunday

For those of you who haven't gone to Church since Christmas....of 2007, here's your chance to continue your trend. Head over to this Sunday at either 9:00 or 10:30 Central Standard Time, and participate in a church service from the convenience of your laptop. You simply have to scroll down the bottom right hand corner and click the "Watch Live" button.

And if you do, you'll see me preach.

Yes, I'm terrified. But, the content is pretty cool. I'm going to be talking about the difference between today's Americanized Church and the very first baby church in the book of Acts. What made them tick. What made them treat everyone in their community as if they truly were one big family. And if we're permanently stuck where we are.

On an opposite note, I'm going to try a horoscope experiment on the blog all week next week. Should be fun! Stay tuned.