March 6, 2012

If We Took the $50 Billion a Year We Spend on Pets…

Each year, Americans spend $50 billion on our pets, including food, veterinary care and more.

Do you know what else we could do with $50 billion a year? Pretty much anything great you could imagine.

A one-time cost of $30 billion could provide the entire world with access to clean drinking water.

$30 billion a year over just 10 years could create a sustainable solution that would virtually end world hunger.

I'm not saying you suck for having a pet. I equally suck for buying donuts. This is simply a fiscal example to help us understand our current spending priorities, as well as what we are capable of doing.

Currently, we value our pets over human suffering. That's the reality. But, maybe if we see these numbers, our reality starts to change?