June 18, 2010

If Seinfeld Had Hot People…

Seinfeld is arguably one of the greatest comedies of all time. And yet, I feel like the show, Friends, is often given equal weight, at least in terms of popularity among my generation. And from a guy who watches both shows, that's an outrage. Watch an episode of Friends and an episode of Seinfeld back to back. I can't imagine you'll laugh harder at Friends. So, what's the difference? Why the shared mass popularity between both shows? Because Seinfeld is hysterical, but makes you look at George Constanza for a half hour. And Friends is chuckle-funny but gives you 5 1/2 fashion models. Pretty people are fun to watch. But what George Constanza lacks in aesthetic genetics, he makes up for with hilarious "Woody Allen" self-deprecation and paranoia. Maybe if George were hot, it wouldn't be as funny. But Chandler probably could have pulled off that character. And then it wouldn't be AS confusing when an unemployed man came home with an attractive girlfriend every other episode.