July 13, 2012

If Amazon Completely Replaces Local Retail

If Amazon completely replaces local retail...which is looking more and more likely...what will our streets start to look like?

What if we begin to not only have a bunch of empty warehouse big-box stores (ex-Kmarts, Best Buys and Circuit City's), but a bunch of smaller empty buildings, too?

Because, in this seemingly inevitable future of instant online-to-real-life gratification, what does a town really need to have nearby?

Restaurants and fresh food grocers (aside from the non-perishables that can now be delivered same-day), and basic service locations, e.g. gas station, hair salon, dentist?

All other retail gone?

It's crazy to think about what a town will look in 10 years. And to think about what we're going to do with all those buildings...