June 16, 2011

I Wish Nurses Were Dumber

Firstly, thank you all for your patience during the longest (non-restful) sabbatical I've taken on this project in its five-year existence. So, now that I'm a daddy, does that mean I'm going to force-feed you post after post about baby-related interests?

I hope not. Because, for many of you stranger-friends, you have no vested interest in my child. That being said, I'm certain this new chapter of my life will present new "daddy-baby" doors of critical thought, but my desire is that I am able to stay broad enough to keep your growing interest. Here's an example.

I wish nurses were dumber. The other week, we discussed different types of intelligence. The educational requirements necessary to earn a nursing degree align very closely to a hyper-analytical mind. Anatomy. Physiology. A litany of treatment methods.

Here's what I want in a nurse. A giant smile. I want incredibly positive bedside manner. That's it. Yes, I suppose I'm glad nurses have enough education to avoid giving me awful and harmful advice. But, in reality, they're not prescribing medication. They're not conducting surgery. This isn't to downplay the difficulty or the immense responsibilities of the working nurse. It's to re-think the role completely.

Because I'd rather have a "nurse's assistant" deal with me in-hospital, with a little less knowledge and a lot more positivity.