May 17, 2012

I Will Not Volunteer My Opinion Unless Asked: Day 2 Results

Update on my For one week, I will not volunteer my opinion on ANYTHING unless I am EXPLICITLY asked for it." challenge.


I was caught in a roundtable discussion about the best methods for introducing (forcing exposure upon) your kids to different activities (piano lessons, tee-ball, dance class).

This was easy to stay out of, because my daughter is still 0, and I haven't had to think about it yet.

Then, the topic shifted to how awful video games were for kids.

This was harder to stay out of, but I did.

I found out my friend started smoking again.

I didn't try talking him out of it. But honestly, it's 'cause I really don't care. He's awesome. When some people take up bad habits, I try talking them out of it, thinking that by correcting all of their flaws, they will somehow be transformed into a person I enjoy being around. But, this guy's already awesome.


I'm a worship leader at my church, and we had practice last night. It's a fairly autocratic gig. You have to be the one to make the call. Perhaps that's where most of my tension in this experiment comes from. I'm used to those dictatorial parts of my world, and want to unleash this power upon the others.

For those of you who participating, any stories yet on your end? It's hard, isn't it?