May 15, 2012

I Will Not Volunteer My Opinion Unless Asked: Day 1 Results

Update on my For one week, I will not volunteer my opinion on ANYTHING unless I am EXPLICITLY asked for it." challenge.


This was said in my presence.

"I don't just think the drunk driver should be held responsible. I think EVERYONE in the car should be held responsible."

And I didn't say a thing.


I'm not sure what to do about meetings. I'm in the room. So, by default, I'm at least passively being asked for my opinion? To be short, some stuff was being decided on that was going to be decided on wrong, and I spoke up. But, I was super Socratic about it - they totally thought it was their idea...yes, I know this was cheating. I'm going to try avoid meetings the rest of the week.

For those of you who participating, any stories yet on your end? It's hard, isn't it?