August 20, 2009

I Prefer My Personality

I was recently put in close proximity with some people that were not all too close friends of mine. And I found I had completely forgotten that all people don't roughly have the same personality. For instance, all of my close friends have more or less, my personality traits. It's because we get along so well that they have become my close friends. It's not proximity or chance. I have chosen them. But, experiencing life with only these people has made me forget how aggravating certain personality types are, and how much I prefer my own. I'm going to call my personality "courteous." I am polite, legitimately curious about other people's lives, stay engaged when they're speaking, and do not think it's funny to put people down. Why wouldn't this personality win over in the Darwinistic survival of the friendliest? To put it differently, why wouldn't these people adopt my personality? I'm certain it would benefit them.