October 8, 2010

Human Stock Market: Getting in and Out

This week, we've been trying to figure out how to create a Human Stock Market, for both charitable and capitalistic reasons.

I think we're close folks. Not to having every single factor figured out. But to the idea that this could be possible. I really appreciate your thoughts on this. Who knows? This could be something huge one day, and you're all a part of it now.

One great question yesterday to end our week.

How easy would it be for someone to get out of the market?

Great question. This is definitely a little tricky, because it's easier for a corporation to get sold, bought out, liquidated or go under than an individual. I suppose there are two options: the individual could buy back their outstanding shares, or simply pay-out those unwilling to sell at some sort of pre-arranged market(+)  price. Anyone else have any insights on how this happens on real exchanges?