October 4, 2010

How Young is Too Young?

I was recently in a conversation where older people were warning a young girl (23) that she was far too young to get married. "Play the field." "Explore your options." "Have fun."

And my favorite, "You're way too young to be making a decision like that."

And yet, we think that 5 years before, she was intellectually ready to choose a collegiate career she could stick with the rest of her life? We can't have it both ways. Either 18 is old enough to vote, go to war, choose a future, and commit to a love.

Or we're getting too accustomed to children being stuck in arrested development throughout their 20s.

Raise your expectations for the youth of America. I've met 16 year olds who are vastly more mature than some 50 year olds. Just because you were a dope at 23 doesn't mean everyone is. Just because your marriage sucks doesn't mean everyone's will.