December 12, 2018

How To Make Winter Fun Again

Note: This post has been contributed.
When the winter comes, there is a general feeling amongst us of sluggishness. Why bother going out, when you could just stay inside and relax under the duvet, re-watching shows on Netflix that you’ve already seen 100 times? And whilst we all like to have a lazy day, they soon get old. In fact, winter can leave you with pretty bad cabin fever, and you can struggle to remember the last time you went out that wasn’t simply to go and pick up some comfort food. We’ve made this guide, so that you can make winter fun again, without going through the traditional snowman-making, Netflix-watching cycle, over and over again into infinity. You’re welcome.
Go on a road trip
Ok, when you think of road trips, you probably imagine those summer drives, with the windows down, the sunglasses on, and the summer songs blasting from the radio. However, road trips should never be confined to a specific season (well, we don’t think that they should). As long as you’ve got a car that was manufactured in the last 20 years or so, you should have air con and some means of keeping your passengers from turning into ice blocks during your trip, so why not make your winter fun by giving this a go?
Whilst you’re probably not going to be able to wind the windows down, you could think up a rough route of where to go in the winter. Why not do a museum or art gallery road trip, where you go from indoor-fun-establishment to the next? You’ll get to see the world in all of its winter glory, and you can see some beautiful wildlife and sights, no matter what season it is. If you want to take it a step further, you could even get your hands on some festive music to set the mood, and you could definitely go on a winter walk if you dress appropriately. Ok, it’s not the summer road trip you’re used to, but it will still be great, and you won’t have to splash the cash.
Go to an amusement park
Again, you may associate going to an amusement park with the summer, but this doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, many amusement parks have seasonal events on, such as Halloween fright nights and Christmas-related days. You could have a lot of fun eating some delicious warm fairground food, and going on all of the rides, as long as you’ve wrapped up warm, that is. We’d probably advise that you pass if somebody asks you to go on the log flume, or another water-related ride, but other than that, you’re all good.
If it tickles your fancy, places like Disneyland actually look better in the winter (well, we think so) and everybody is feeling especially festive, so there will be no pushing and shoving when it comes to getting on the rides first, and no amusement park injuries ruining your Christmas (hopefully…). Most parks are open all year round, but have a look at opening times before your visit if you’re thinking about giving this a go. Of course, if the weather is pretty extreme, you might want to give this one a miss.
Get creative
If the weather is really bad, and you’re not looking to leave the house anytime soon, then getting creative could rid you of those winter blues. Think of something that you’ve never tried before, like painting or writing, and give it a go! Most of us have lots of creativity that we’ve never tapped into, and trying your hand at these things will not only fill those dark winter days, but will also improve your mental wellbeing, and you’ll feel great when you’ve made something yourself.
There are no age limits on creativity, so no matter what your age is or your job role (high earners, we’re talking to you) you should still give this a go. Why not try to make something like your own cushion covers? This isn’t too difficult, and it will give your home a new lease of life, in the face of those winter nights. Everybody will be asking where you got your furnishings and paintings from, and your answer will be: ‘Ah-ha! I made them myself, and they’re one of a kind.’ Honestly. You will feel that cocky.
Get cooking
This is another one for those who are not quite ready to leave the house yet, and you’ll get a lot back from this (including a few pounds on the scales, probably). Winter is the perfect time to try out those warm, carb-heavy bakes that you’ve been meaning to try out for a while. Get a recipe book, and make something seasonal if you can. This will also help you to bring the family together around the table, and they’ll love your new food as much as you do.
For most of these recipes, you’ll probably already have most of the ingredients in your fridge or pantry. If you’re going to make gingerbread, for example, you only need to have things like flour, butter, sugar and cinnamon (ok, and a few more) but you’ll create something that is priceless. You could also try your hand at making a warm winter stew, or anything that your family would appreciate after a long day outside in the cold. If you’re not usually one for cooking, then there’s always time to start, so put the TV remote down and get baking!
Go to the theatre
If you haven’t been to the theatre in some time, then winter could be the time to get that fancy outfit out again, and make a night of going to see a show. One of the best things about this is that it is indoors, so you’ll have to make a quick dash for the subway or a cab, but you’ll get to enjoy the warmth of being surrounded by other (similarly well-dressed) people, which will also be good for the cabin fever you’re probably suffering with. Having a meal beforehand is also a great way to make a day out of your theatre trip.
You don’t need to go and see a Shakespeare play to get those brain cogs turning, and there are loads of things out there, whatever your taste may be. From Broadway musicals to Christmas plays (hello, A Christmas Carol), you’ll find something that will make you feel warm inside this season, and the beautiful theatre bar will also be worth spending some of your hard-earned cash on. Basically, there's nothing bad about the theatre, especially if you get to wear some fancy winter clothes. Winning.
There are many ways to make winter fun again, and it doesn’t always have to mean watching reruns of your favorite shows. You can go on a road trip, and see the beautiful sights that winter has to offer, some of which you would have never expected, so go via a forest if there is one nearby. Going to an amusement park is also a good idea, as there are many seasonal events on, and getting creative could help you to learn about a skill that you never knew you had. You could also try to bake some festive treats to share with the whole family (or not…) and you could treat yourself and your loved one(s) to a trip to the theatre. Whatever you choose to do, have fun this winter, and make sure that you make the most of it! Happy holidays!