January 12, 2009

How to Believe: Part One

Over these two weeks, our hope is to overcome Sleigh Track Logic, sorting through all of the things that make sense and determine what makes the most sense. When I was growing up, I became convinced that the Bible was magic. My parents were believers, and therefore, I was by default, but I really didn't concern myself too much with those things. But, whenever I was angry, or wanted advice on something, I opened up that 1400 pg book, always to a random page as a test, and without fail, there was advice that helped. As a child, I just thought that's how God worked. Today, if I wanted to do the same thing, I'd be conscious of where I was opening, knowing that if I crack open the Bible towards the middle, I can probably hit a Psalm that's generic enough to give me guidance. But, as a child, it happened enough to convince me that there was something supernatural about that book. That was my first God moment that led me to desire others.