March 12, 2010

How to Be a RockStar? Avoid the Public Entirely

Is there a PR benefit to avoiding the public entirely?

For instance, the "rockstar", almost "divine" persona of a person you know very little about, but are extraordinarily intrigued in. They have a huge intrinsic incentive to not share their lives with the public. Because by odds alone, the more you know, the less you're going to like about them. Simply because they'll become a real person.

So, the democratization of the Internet has made it possible for random guys to become "niche-famous" via social networking sites as Twitter. But their fans know EVERYTHING about them. So, they're not really "rockstars" anymore. They're just friends.

So, what's the best way to get "rock-star" famous in these 21st Century circumstances besides a sex tape?

Yes, this is what I stay up late thinking about.