January 25, 2011

How I Plan to Cancel My Wireless Phone Plan

(UPDATE: This post is still worth reading, but loyal reader Braden was quick to correct some of facts. Check out the comments at the end.)

When Google Voice came out last year offering free local numbers, I instantly grabbed one each for both my wife and myself. She currently uses her Google Voice number for her Chicago dessert table business. And we can set it up to forward calls to her cell phone, or just act as a dedicated voice mailbox with a specific greeting. I have yet to use my number. But Google's recent "number porting" announcement has given me a great reason to.

Because when my wireless contract is up, I am going to cancel my phone service. Remember the law that came out several years ago saying you could keep your number if you switch carriers? Well, for a 1-time number porting fee of $20, you can now switch that number to Google.

When people call you, you can utilize Google Voice the same way you accept calls now. Voice mail works the same, with the benefit of transcription as well. The only difference? The call takes place over your data network. You no longer need a voice plan. You better believe I'm making the leap the second I can without penalty.