March 16, 2010

Hourly Wage vs. Salaried Wage

As someone who's been an hourly employee over the past year, I would like to bring up a question. Why isn't everyone paid hourly? The business would save tons of money, and you'd command a higher hourly rate. I know a business would be nervous about people trying to milk the system and work late just to get paid more. But, wouldn't the money they save on welfare services be worth it? And I know some people would be nervous about the insecurity of an hourly rate over a salaried position. But after these past couple years, I can't imagine anyone's feeling too safe anymore. Plus, in terms of employee morale, if you have to stay late and work on something, you'd know you were getting paid for it. I love the motivation that hourly work gives me. Don't tell me why it's not perfect. Tell me why it's not a better system than salaries.