June 25, 2010

Going to a Waterpark or Getting High?

My wife and I went to the waterpark today to celebrate my new full-time job! More on that in the future... Two topics for the day. 1. I love waterparks. The adrenaline. The tranquility. The fun. It's amazing. So, what's the physiological difference between going to a waterpark and getting high? There's an obvious physical difference. The harm of drugs on your body opposed to the health benefits of walking up 40 flights of stairs at a waterpark. But, in terms of "fun", what's the difference? Which leads me to my new favorite quote, "Once water parks get cheaper than pot, I'll stop smoking." *Note: I do not and have never smoked pot. 2. We overheard a 14-year old girl's conversation with her friends while in line. "We had been only going out 3 weeks and he wanted to have sex. Only 3 weeks!" She was upset. Not at the prospect of having sex with a 14-year old boy, but at the speed of the intimacy. Lord, help us.