September 17, 2012

Getting Smarter vs. Getting Art’r

Not until college did I develop a real passion for learning. But, I fell pretty hard for it.

And for the past few years, I've been relatively obsessed with becoming the smartest person on Earth. But now (perhaps due to the fact I have not yet become that), I'm questioning the tactic altogether.

Whether or not possessing knowledge is all that valuable if you are unable to persuade others of its merits?

Whether or not it is even mere knowledge that truly persuades, or whether art is more effective at doing so?

For instance, I can provide you with economic statistics that speak to the real societal problems of gender preference, neglect and abuse.

Or I can show you this video.

And the video wins.

Because while knowledge is persuasive. So is emotion. So is beauty. So is music. And the arguments get better when you include them.

So, while I currently have what I believe are the "arguments" for a few things I am particularly passionate about, should my next pursuit be, not to enhance these argument, but rather determine the most artistically compelling way to present the information I currently have?

We're going to keep diving into this this week, until you've convinced me what to do with the next small part of my life.