May 17, 2010

Free Co-Pay Healthcare Providers

Most of you have health insurance. You pay a monthly premium and when you show up to your doctor's appointment, you pay maybe a $30 co-pay. That money goes to your insurance provider. Then the insurance provider pays the healthcare provider a varying amount, probably around $180 (the amount the insurance companies have agreed the service is worth - discounted for provider members). So, how about this? You advertise yourself as a Free Co-Pay Healthcare Provider. Now you're only getting a net gain of $150 ber patient (because you have to pay the patient's $30 co-pay to the insurance provider yourself) But think of all the hypochondriacs who would line up at the door, previously unwilling to cough up the $30 co-pay for the laundry list of diseases they thought they may have? Wouldn't that be worth the $30 loss from a financial standpoint?