April 21, 2011

Facebook Guide to Entertainment Etiquette

I'm starting to really dislike Facebook. Simply because people don't know how to effectively entertain a mass audience. Yes, I'm probably talking to you, as well as reminding myself, yet my desperate need to be liked causes a higher status censorship ratio than most people have.

Think about the people whose statuses you enjoy reading the most. They're probably entertaining. They're probably interesting. And they're probably not all that often.

So what can you do? Think about what percentage of your friend list would be interested in your post before posting it. That means less niche news, and more broad comedy. Be a good communicator. Choose your words carefully. And be more selective with when you speak. Follow these rules, and your friends won't secretly hate/hide* you.

*To make your personal Facebook experience more enjoyable, you can hide those annoying communicators without the public embarrassment of a de-friending. Simply hover your mouse to the right of their post on your wall, and an X should appear, where you can choose to hide them. I've probably hidden half of my friend list. And 40% don't ever post. So, I get the cream of the crop, the 1/10 posts that are most entertaining. Be the 1/10.