February 8, 2018

Encouraging Your Kids to Vote When They’re Older

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Voting and elections are the cornerstone of our democracy through the way they give us all a voice. And, you should seek to encourage the spirit of this voice to live on in the future by encouraging your children to embrace it. Yes, especially if you are somebody that is passionate about voting, you should be encoring your children to vote when they’re adults. And, this encouragement can start at any time, no matter the age of your children.

To see just how you would go about encouraging your children to vote in a world where voting is no longer a high priority for the young masses, make sure to read on.

First of all, talk to your kids about politics
If you want your children to feel encouraged to vote when they are older, then you have to get them comfortable with the idea of politics. You have to get them to see that it is okay to take an interest in politics and that it is certainly okay to talk about it. But, what do you say? Well, first of all it is a good idea to see what they already know or feel about the world of politics or specific politicians, especially if it is election season. Ask them just what all the signs they see and all the people they see vying for office on their TV mean to them. Ask them questions to see if anything they witness during the election season has resonated with them. Ask them questions about the larger than life president that they must have some sort of inkling about or knowledge of. Basically, as long as you don’t probe them and make them feel uncomfortable, it is okay to talk to your kids about politics.

Make sure you are embracing the future of votingYour children will be voting in the future, but they're not going to want to vote in this future if the system they use to do so is outdated. So, make sure you are, yourself, embracing the future of voting whenever you can and make sure that you are doing all you can to advocate a change in the way voting is done. One way to do this is to become a supporter of a initiative such as Smartmatic, an initiative that is seeking to make voting far more accessible by making it electronic, meaning it would be able to take place in the comfort of one’s own home. And, whether you think this would specifically benefit your children or not, you need to be embracing any sort of future voting initiative that seeks to protect the process of voting from never becoming outdated.

Encouraging your kids to vote when they become an adult is increasingly becoming a tough task, what with the way the world of politics and the world in general is going, but it can be done. It can be done if you are open with them about the voting system, and if you are open to embracing new ways of voting.

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