June 19, 2012

Encouraging Childhood Invention Challenge: COMPLETED

Five years ago, I put forth a challenge on this blog.

"The next time you see a child entrepreneur (lemonade stand, etc.), pay $5 for the cup of lemonade."

This weekend, I finally completed my own challenge. I was driving in my car when I saw the four 9-year olds and their makeshift box stand. Remembered my challenge. Had my wallet. And pulled over.

They were selling Arizona iced tea for a quarter.

I bought a cup for $5. They were thrilled. I heard one whisper, "...fill up the cup as high as you can. he paid $5 for it!"

As I drove away, I heard another shout out to his mother, "He bought one! And paid $5! For just the one!"

I left happy, believing I had instilled a beautiful belief in entrepreneurship for these 4 young kids.

It was only later that I questioned whether or not I may have instead birthed a forever love of money itself.