November 28, 2017

Empower Your Church Youth Group Today

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Helping out with a church youth group can be extremely rewarding. It sometimes can be challenging too, especially if you think your group might not be getting as much from the experience as they could. Empowering your youths is an important part of the program, and many of them might feel like they don't have a voice or much confidence. Help them feel more empowered by using the following tips.
Encourage Them to Use Their Voice
Your youth group should feel like they're able to speak up, both while doing church activities and out in the wider world. Encouraging them to use their voice is a start, but you should also help them foster the belief that they should use their voice for good. It's also important that they're able to listen.
Help Them to Reflect on Their Thoughts and Actions
Everyone should be able to analyze and reflect on their thoughts and ideas. Sometimes this involves dissecting a certain reaction or opinion they might have, and sometimes it means exploring thoughts more so they can be turned into helpful actions.
Give Them the Power to Lead
Being able to work as a team is an important skill, and learning leadership skills can help make it easier to learn. Being in a leadership role lets them see the challenges of being a leader and gives them a new perspective on how people can work best together. It's great for encouraging confidence too.
Help Them Do Good
Doing good deeds is a great way to help empower your youth group. They can see the positive effects that their actions can have. A service trip is one way for them to do something charitable.
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