November 13, 2009

Double-Slit Dental Anxiety

So, after yesterday's post, I feel comfortable throwing out an idea that without it, you could probably lock me up for. I visited my dentist's office twice in the past week. The first was to repair two cavities. I was slightly anxious about the appointment, but as I walked in the building, this anxiety evolved into an overall feeling of grossness. All in all, the appointment ended up fine. One week later, I was there again for a routine checkup. Not anxious at all. I knew I wouldn't be facing a drill. But, the second I walked into the building, the anxiety returned and the walk to their office felt like a death march. So, before yesterday's video and before I became aware of the seemingly self-awareness of every particle that makes up my body, I would have attributed this to a conditioned response. My past feelings of dentist visits created this anxiety in my system. But now, I wonder if there is something more to it? Can my body pick up on the anxiety that others have had, simply being in this building, and does that cause a response in mine?