June 30, 2011

Don’t Make Money. Make Awesome.

I have officially given up on get-rich quick schemes. Since I work in the world of Internet Marketing, I stay pretty close behind the thought leaders in the industry, and closely follow their grandiose and innovative visions for making money online.

So, last summer, I launched a Website. The idea was to use my marketing prowess to rank highly in search results for people looking for information on 3D televisions (remember, this was last summer) and direct them toward different online purchasing options, making a small commission on each very large purchase.

I still think it was a good idea. But, I gave up on the prospect really quickly. Why?

Because I had no passion for evangelizing 3D televisions.

Making a lot of money on this idea would have required a lot of work. And I wouldn't really be providing any real value to anyone. I would simply be a barely helpful middle man. I wasn't really interested in helping individuals make better purchasing decisions. I just wanted a cut off their purchase.

I will no longer do things just to make money. I will only do things worth doing, and figure out a way to monetize them.