March 28, 2018

Dealing With Difficulties In Life? Throwing In The Towel Is Not An Option

Note: This post has been contributed.
There comes a time in our lives where things can get a little difficult. We all have periods where careers and jobs are tough, finances are a burden, relationships are breaking down, and it can feel like everything is just too much. Can you relate? Many of us will have been through something like this in the past, and many of us will go through it at some point in the future. But, it is how you handle the situation and move forward that makes you the person you become. Strong, independent, motivated. So don’t throw in the towel when life gets a little difficult. I thought I would share with you some of the options you could consider to help you through tough periods in life. 
Changing your mindset
Your mind is such a powerful tool. It really can be the thing that is controlling your very reactions to tough times, and in most cases, this might be in a negative way. A negative mindset isn’t something that can easily be cured, but changing the way you think can ultimately change your reaction to situations and help you to take positive steps forward rather than hiding in the dark. It could be as simple as forcing a positive thought. It might be focusing on what you are happy about in life, what your are grateful for maybe. Small actions done consistently can become habits, and once you do develop a positive mindset you may be able to clearly decided on the best actions to take for the future. 
Talking to someone
Maybe you need to think about opening up to someone and talking about your feelings and what is going on. Often speaking to someone who isn’t involved directly gives you a safe place and platform to really open up. It might be something like Christianity-based counseling where you discuss things, or it could be more psychologically based where you try talking therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Whichever option you choose, talking and discussing your feelings and getting them out in the open is only going to be a positive experience, helping you to move forward. 
A lifestyle change
Finally, it could be as simple as changing your lifestyle. Many of us will agree that when we feel down and depressed, or things like anxiety are taking hold of us, we can become more insular and stop taking care of ourselves. We eat the wrong things, we don’t spend time outside, and generally these habits can make us feel worse in the long term. A lifestyle change doesn't have to be drastic. Just start by having a more balanced diet or drinking more water each day. It might be that you have the goal of being active each day, or just getting outside for some fresh air. Implementing positive changes to your lifestyle can help you to feel better physically, which then gives you the energy and focus to start working on the problems that are causing you to feel bad emotionally and mentally. 
I hope that these options help you through a difficult time.