March 7, 2007

Dangerous Benefit of the Doubt

So, as a Chicago sports fan, when I see players come and go, I always assume it's for the best. The latest being, Thomas Jones, the most successful Bears rusher since Walter Payton (which doesn't say much) is now a N.Y. Jet, opening up the #1 slot in the Bears backfield for Cedric Benson. Now, I've never been a big TJ fan, and actually think that this might not be as bad of a thing as does the city of Chicago currently. But, do I think that just because I'm a fan of the Bears, and therefore, give the benefit of the doubt to the Bears Management. Similarly, when we move Cubbies around, and I disagree with a move, I say, "Well, they probably know what they're doing." Do I do that politically as well? If a guy I voted for makes a decision that seems ridiculous to me, do I jump to defend him too? Maybe I should stop giving people the benefit of the doubt.