December 17, 2010

Contact Lenses Too Big: Dreams Becoming Reality

When I was a child, my recurring dreams consisted of being late for class, not being able to remember my locker combination or being completely unprepared for a play or concert.

As an adult, I now only have one recurring dream. That my contact lenses are too big for my eyes. They've grown into the size of pancakes, and I try to shrink them but can't.

I have this dream often. And this morning, when I went to get a new pair of contact lenses, I opened up the left one, and the contact was too big for my eye. It turns out that contacts must be made like cookie-cutter cookies. Because the leftover dough from around the cut-out of the lens was still attached.

It was horrifying. Because I felt so awake. And yet, this was my dream-life. So, have these dreams all been leading up to today? Have I reached some sort of life milestone here? Or am I still dreaming?