September 16, 2011

Comcast Customer Service Surprise…

Two years ago, my interactions with Comcast employees had me loathing the company that consistently tops user polls of the most hated brand in America.

This week, I had an incredibly pleasant and overall positive experience with Comcast.

Here's my theory. Two years ago, Comcast didn't have to provide good service. In thousands of towns across America, they were it. The only game in town. The only player. You didn't have a choice if you wanted cable Internet or cable television.

Today, you're starting to have a choice. Securing an Internet or cable connection through a different wireless company. Opting out of cable all together for Hulu Plus, Netflix and other online streaming services.

Two years ago, Comcast could call your bluff when you threatened to cancel. Today, they can't.

So, they're nice to you now. They have to be.
(...insert trite close about how capitalistic competition makes everything better)