June 19, 2006

Coal is the Answer

On Meet the Press today with Tim Russert, he had on three oil company execs from Shell, Chevron and ConocoPhillips, respectively. He tried telling them that the American people think they're evil, while they in turn poorly taught Economics 101 and the benefits of a free market economy to Mr. Russert, and then tried to create a public push for storming into Alaska with chainsaws. Throughout this broadcast, there were countless commercials for learnaboutcoal.org, a link which although heavily advertised, has been down all day. These quick-hitting :15 commercials showed children talking about the benefits of coal power and how it's not as polluting as it once was, etc. But, one of the commercials starting raving about hydrogen power, which surprised me, and then they said, "the leftovers from coal production can be used to create hydrogen power." Isn't this the equivalent of a pornography company saying they're going to recycle leftover magazines and make Bibles?