April 23, 2007

Civil War Week

Upon realizing that I didn't learn anything in high school, I am recapping with the help of Kenneth C. Davis, and his "Don't Know Much About..." series. This includes short and thorough revisits through history, the universe, etc. My audiobook for this week is "Don't Know Much About the Civil War." The first chapter talked about how the author, when writing the book, was informed by a person that "their fascination with the Civil War started from watching the film, Gone With the Wind." After hearing this statement several times, and realizing that most people's history of the Civil War is based upon a 60-year old, fictional film, he was reassured that this project was necessary. I think this book is going to open up a lot of questions this week about this topic, so let's start it off. Why did people who voiced the err of slavery (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, included) keep slaves themselves? And is there any similarity here between the cry against open borders and the constant hiring of illegal immigrants? Or, perhaps more similarly, the business owner who wants to ban smoking in his bar, but only if every other business agrees to it to, in order to stay competitive?