January 25, 2018

Can You Make Your Kids Fall In Love With Learning?

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Sometimes, it seems like all kids can do to resist learning. This is normal at first, however, there are ways you can encourage your kids to fall in love with learning so that they thrive at school and in life in general! Here are a few ideas:
Read To Them Regularly
Make sure you read to your kids from a young age, and when they’re old enough, get them to read to you too. Surround them with books and get them into the reading habits, and they’ll learn naturally. They’ll have better grammar skills, listening skills, and communication skills to name a few. 
Help Them If They Need It
If your kids need help with homework or grasping a concept, help them. Don’t be a helicopter parent, but be aware in the background if they need you. Don’t make them depend on you, however. There is a difference! 
Educate Them At Home
Find fun ways you can educate your kids at home. Maybe you could get them a telescope to look at the stars, or even find some great fossils for sale. They could grow their own crystals with a kit, or if they’re artsy, they could learn about different mediums for art. 
Use Positive Language
Using positive language around learning is important. It can’t sound like they don’t have a choice - like an ‘or else’ mindset. Make sure you tell them how great learning is and what it could do for them. 
Share A Passion Of Yours
Sharing a passion of yours could encourage them to get into it, or at least find a passion of their own. When you show how excited and eager you are to share something, they will realise how fun it can be. What do you love to do? Whether you love to solve math problems, do cross words, or make clothes, sharing a passion with your kids is a great start. 
Build On Your Kids Natural Interests
Some kids have natural interests already - you can kind of see them peeking through when they’re young. Maybe they’re interested in stars, rocks, drawing, or something else. Do your best to build on their natural interests. If you’re not sure what they are, then sign them up to try out a few different hobbies and after school activities. 
Avoid Rewards 
Rewarding your kids for learning will make them reluctant to learn when they’re not being bribed. You don’t want them to get into the mindset of thinking they should be rewarded for doing something as important and beneficial as learning. They should want to do it naturally. Over time, if you use these tips, they should enjoy it. They might not enjoy every single subject at school, but they’ll be doing their best. 
The answer is yes; you can absolutely make your kids fall in love with learning. However, you need to make sure you’re taking the right approach, with just the right amount of encouragement for it to feel right to them. Good luck!