October 30, 2017

Can You Be Prepared For Anything Without Being An Anxious Mess?

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In this day and age, it seems none of us really know what’s just around the corner. This is why many people are choosing to prepare for just about every eventuality. However, it can be tough to do this and not look over your shoulder constantly, anxious at what could come next.
Providing you’ve prepared for the future in the best way you can, then you should be able to relax and have peace of mind. It may seem easier said than done, but we’re going to discuss what you can do in this post.
Stock Up on Non Perishables
There are a few reasons you should stock up on non perishable food items. Maybe one day you’ll get snowed in. Maybe one day you’ll simply arrive home from a long day starving hungry with nothing in the fridge. Stock up on things like oatmeal, quinoa, pasta, canned vegetables and beans, and rice.
Get Plenty Of Sleep
Getting plenty of sleep will help you coming into cold and flu season, as it strengthens your immune system. People who get 6 hours sleep a night or less are much more likely to catch a cold or the flu - four times more likely, in fact. Plus, a shortage of sleep can leave you feeling stressed out, which again, lowers your immune system. Get plenty of sleep and your immune system will be strong and your stress levels low.
Pack Up Your Car
Nobody wants to get stuck in a broken down car, but it happens. Make sure you have the essentials in your car just in case. You’ll want some jumper cables, a toolkit, jack, a lug wrench, and even some warm clothing. A first aid kit and a flashlight will also come in handy. Just because you’ve called a tow truck doesn’t mean you won't get stressed out and feel all helpless, so make sure you have what you need on board.
Come Up With An Emergency Home Escape Plan
Anything could happen when you’re at home; a fire could break out, burglars could get in - we won’t list anymore as this post is supposed to make you less stressed, not more stressed. However, there are things you can have in the house alongside food to help you in these situations. Coming up with an emergency escape plan is also a good idea, so brief the whole family on the best way out. There are more resources that can help you at home, like those on Prepared Bee. The more prepared you are the less frightened you’ll feel.
Practice Mindfulness
Any event can be stressful. It all depends on the person and the context, so we couldn’t possibly list everything here. However, one way to be ready for any stressful event is to become more mindful. This involves staying focused on the present moment and accepting your feelings. When you’re more mindful, you’ll feel far less stressed over things and feel able to regulate your emotions.
There’s no need to be on the brink of a breakdown when you have the above tips.