April 16, 2009

Boy Scout Beggars

Have you noticed how the Boy Scouts have changed their money-raising methods to match the state of the economy? Now, instead of going door-to-door selling 10-pound tubs of caramel corn, they're blocking the entryways of grocery stores, asking you both on your way in AND out if you'd like to support their troop by buying a candy bar for 12 times its market worth. Here are my problems with this. 1) I don't like solicitation in general that makes the customer feel uncomfortable. 2) This completely lacks entrepreneurship and ignores the laws of supply-and-demand when what they're selling can be bought inside the store they're standing outside of for far less. This is why I appreciate the idea of the lemonade stand. There's a fine-line between begging and what these Boy Scouts teams are doing. What do they get for selling the most candy bars, anyway? A merit badge depicting a man sleeping under a newspaper? Be creative Boy Scouts. I'm not cheap. I'm just picky.