April 16, 2007

Body Worlds 2

So, I went and saw Body Worlds 2 at the Museum of Science and Industry this weekend. Very cool stuff. Along with the muscular skinless, they also showed plastinates (real, preserved human specimens) of the fetus at different stages as well throughout the first 8 weeks of its life. By week 8, as small as it was, it looked like a real person. You could make out all the features, including fingers and toes, etc. My first reaction was, "If people knew that a fetus looked like this at 8 weeks, then there probably wouldn't be a green light on abortion through the 13th week (1st trimester)." But, then I realized that I don't really know if that's the reason why abortion is legal through the 1st trimester. Is it if she's not showing, it's not real? Is it a safer procedure for the mother? What was the thought behind this legislation? Anyone?