September 19, 2012

Art That Persuades: Love Through Song or Show?

I often complain about the empty nature of modern music. That most songs don't even attempt to communicate. Catchy without content.

This often segues to my broad and incorrect dismissal of guy-girl romance songs as being too shallow for the beautiful and powerful potential that is the art of music.

Yet, at the same time, I find myself rooting for the love storyline in every new TV show I watch.

So, where does my hypocrisy come from? I obviously don't think we are out of things to say/show/feel in this grandiose world of love. So, what's the difference?

Is it simply because it's harder to build tension and work to a satisfying resolve in the huge span of a 3-minute song - whereas a season or more of television gives you plenty of time to fall for the love story yourself?

More simply put, do the brevity of songs require a different way of telling a love story?