October 14, 2008

Are You Cereal?

Cereality is a company I have heard about a lot over the last year, from friends who, aware of my cereal obsession, imagine how excited I'm going to be about it. Recently, I have also seen several television shows highlight this business model as sheer brilliance. They are all wrong. Cereality is a cereal bar and cafe, where people can order their choice of any of dozens of cereals, and top it with fresh fruit, peanut butter, chocolate, you name it...for $4 a bowl. This is a horrible, horrible idea for two main reasons. #1. Breakfast is the most skipped meal of the day for one important reason. Lack of time. Fast food companies around the country are constantly trying to create breakfast menus that one-up each other on taste, price and portability. Cereality asks me to go into a place, sit down, eat a bowl of cereal, and pay $4 for it. #2. This idea completely ignores the target market of cereal fan. Someone like me, who at the time of this posting, has 5 different boxes of cereal stored in my work cabinet and another 3 at home, do not need a cereal cafe. Any choice of cereal I want, I buy at my convenience and enjoy for pennies on the dollar of what it would cost me at Cereality. I believe that Cereality is simply a business fad, will have a bunch of one-time customers, and quietly snap. crackle. and pop. their way into soggy non-existence.