March 13, 2009

All the Clothes That’s Built to Fit

If you're a man my age, you grew up wearing clothes far too big for you. And while most of the truly ridiculousless effects of that stage ended post-junior high, there are lingering effects that I have just begun to realize. Last Christmas, my wife bought me a medium-sized dress shirt. I was dissapointed she had guessed wrong, because I always buy large. I tried it on, and was amazed. This shirt actually looked like it fit correctly. I couldn't understand it. I had been buying the wrong size of clothes my entire life. And I thought I had came across the answer to buying clothes that look good on me...Medium...But, there was so much more to learn. I have since discovered "fitted dress shirts." If you do not have a giant pot belly, you should not be buying unfitted dress shirts. All you get is 4 extra inches to tuck into your pants. I have since learned that jeans come in different styles. I have since discovered that I didn't know what clothes that fit were supposed to feel like. The secret? BUY CLOTHES THAT FIT YOUR BODY. Not muscle shirt tight. Not 3-inch shirt tuck down the pants loose. Simply clothes that fit the shape of your body. I am grateful for these continued discoveries and resentful for the teenage aingst music that kept me chained loose for so long.